PERKS’ partners met February 29th and March 1st 2024 at the premises of our partner Siemens, in Vienna. It was the first time after the kick-off meeting in which the consortium met. For 2 days, each task leader gave an overview of the status of their work so that all partners could be updated.

In addition, the consortium could deeply know the work and progress that is being developed around the three use cases led by Siemens, Fagor Automation, and Whirlpool. Also, partners could visit Siemens’ facilities where they could see at first hand, what Siemens is going to do in its use case in which the aim is the energy optimization chargers for electric vehicles based on different parameters to avoid energy peaks, find optimised battery charging cycles, increase sustainability and give explanations to users.

This consortium meeting allowed the partners to be aligned and discuss some important aspects to ensure the good development of the project, and in this sense, the partners could establish the next steps for the following months.